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Here you will find a series of collections being sold, if you'd like to purchase an item please either reserve the item or contact me directly from the contact page with the SKU Number(s) you'd like to discuss.

All prices are negotiable.

"That singular moment when the mass of the universe was but a single spec. 13.9 billion years and cons and an infinite phtanasmagorical instant of immense proportion expanded in the known and unknown..."

- Barry Feuerstein

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11 chelsea.jpg
01-DSC_9836 hi line theater.jpg
wwwww9-DSC_9700- Color Ghost Frank Gehry
Copper V Roman contrast.jpg
10-Red, Red, Redder Chaos.jpg
D J5 Yellow WRed VStripe 72dpi (48).JPG
4 IMG_6633.jpg
5-Turquoise Dance.jpg
www-Color Struggle.jpg
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