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Selected Abstract sculpture Art Exhibit by Barry Feuerstein 2012

Hebrew Home Museum Collection Art, Science, Alchemy, Unlimited

Palisades Avenue

Bronx/Riverdale NY

This installation consists of four pieces comprised of copper, sapelle and stone.

They reference a common thread that follows a time line from the beginning

of the universe to the origin of one continent Pangaea to the discovery at the

Hadron Collider in Cern, Switzerland of a minute particle none as the Higs Boson.

The Higs Boson is assumed to create the mass of the universe at the very start of time

13.9 billion years.

Pangaea is comprise of copper and sapelle configured on two slabs of sapelle.

Drifting Continents components are the slab of sapelle, five stones and two copper


String Theory is one slab of sapelle with 11 copper poles with varied threads and

spirals of copper.

E=Higs Boson=Mass*C2 is comprised of three of the largest pieces of copper

resting each on two stone for a total of six stones on the 16’ x 15” x 2” sapelle.


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