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Abstraction, Alchemy, Science

My path as an artist has followed an evolutionary process of creating and

refining sculpture. The concept of the flatness of the picture plane in

painting is an abstract principle applicable to Sculpture. That has been my

driving obsession…… of ideas in abstraction and science.

My journey parallels the evolution of the history of art for over 30,000 years, from

early cave paintings and objects through the major periods of Medieval,

Renaissance, Impressionist, Cubist, and Abstract Expressionism, up to modern

Contemporary Eclecticism.

The common thread of primitive/modern concepts runs throughout my work. On a

basic level the nature of Abstract Art consists of the combination of color,

texture, form and the interpretation of civilization’s collective experience, from

prehistoric times up through the modern era.

Abstract art is simply the highlighting of an intrinsic part of all art. A sculpture or

photograph may appear to represent something tangible and “real,” but the nature of

Abstract Art is to go beyond the real to depict an object as a combination of color,

and form.


All art is an abstraction, an illusion. Photography, Sculpture and Painting is a

means of expression that utilizes a visual language, using symbols, colors and

textures to elicit the reactions, thoughts and feelings of the viewer.

My newest series of paintings, photographs and sculpture are inspired by the themes

of the universe, particle physics, mathematical principles, such as the String Theory,

Golden Section and Fibonacci Symbols, and Global Warming.

(i.e. Climate Change).

I’ve used vibrant colors such as copper, cadmium red and blue, to increase the

physical and emotional intensity within the work.

The Series exhibited here is about the subtle spiritual quiet of ornamental

grass. The transition from the grass clearly photographed to the movement

from the wind to the intentional blurring of the subject to a control movement

of the camera. To finally a white painting directs the series to its essence.

The wood table, Tibetan Meditative Bowls & the birds nest is an integral part of the

grass. The bowls augment a spiritual quality to the installation and the birds’ nests

symbolize the birds hidden outside the picture plane feeding on the grass seeds.


Master in Fine Arts - Sculpture - City College, City University of New York

Selected Group Exhibits:

The Drawing Center - Center for the Study and Exhibition of Drawings, NY, NY

MoMA- P.S. I - Institute for Art and Urban Resources, Inc., New York, NY

Islip Art Museum

Works in the Permanent Collection:

The Basilica of Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral, NY, NY

The City College Art Collection, New York

Hebrew Home at Riverdale-Member-American Association of Museum

Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, Kansas

St. Mary’s College Museum Collection, St. Mary City, Maryland

Alexandria Museum of Fine Arts, Alexandria, Louisiana


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